Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tips to Defeat Economic crisis

Getting out of economic Crisis is very challenging, harsh and irritating. Most of us pass whole day guessing about how to avoid bankruptcy and failure. We try to count some thoughts and hints in order to get rid of debts.

The starting point is not to get trapped in debt. It is the simplest but challenging target also. No need to use your credit card for every thing you buy. Keep your credit card just for some thing that is very important. Like an example when you purchase house or a motorcar. Most people got this feeling that they are earning a lot, without realizing that they are spending more then there earnings. When debt is limited, keep sixty percent of it and try to spend just forty percent. You know the amount of your debt so keep a note of all upcoming instalments, interest values, balances on a paper or dairy and update it weekly. It will make the whole system simple and now you know exactly how much you have to pay and how much you are going to get. Try not to get more then one credit card and try to apply same thing to your loan, one is enough try your best to adjust with it. On your card try not to carry a massive limit, if you loan is not more then twenty five percent of your income it’s great.  

There are debt guidance organizations, they can surely help you for your debts and bank loans. They form a very professional credit written report. Try not to get into debt in future. Stop eating in eating places and don't plan any national or international travels just for fun! Family or friends want to go for movie or club? Convince them that it’s so cool to spend holidays in house with each other! Try to pay all of your loans from your daily expenses not from your emergency fund. Always keep some extra money with it is very important, don't just pay every thing at once. Make yourself ready for the upcoming expenses. This is how you can keep yourself safe from bankruptcy.

Think twice before spending or paying any thing if you can delay any payment so just hold it for some time. Keep a close eye on economic affair by reading economic news articles on newspaper and view economic news on T.V. Each and every month try to reduce your expenses at least more then last month. No need to be competitive with your friends or anyone else! Those sorts of habits can create huge problems latter! Try to improve your habits! You can get out of this situation by drawing some lines around you. Switch your mind-set, never lose hope! Never give up! Otherwise you will find yourself in a bigger mess.

Economic crisis and uneducated peoples

Donald-Trump wrote in his latest economic news articles that people like you and me are the actual cause of this economic crisis. And we are completely illiterate and uneducated about money affairs. You may think what’s wrong with this guy?  What kind of Foolishness is this? Economic training?  Well each and every person in this whole world knows that what is money, how, where and when to use it. 

Some of us may think that I don't have so much so why should I waste my time on this useless economic training or education. I have got so many other things to use my mind. And economic problem is not one of them. The truth is that middle class of our time is sleeping. They are wiped out with no desire of retrieval, whatever you have is going to be undervalued and money does not melt but shifts hands. If it keeps going on then chances of improvement are very less. To defeat this economic crisis people must understand what’s going on behind the scenes, how and why all this happened, what are the actual facts. 

I don't feel good to say that it’s going to be much worse then ever. But you still got a chance to come out of this as a victor. The key to success is economic education and proper preparation. And keep yourself away from ignorant unsuccessful people. The money will be shifted from the ignorant to the prepared. The bankers are behind this dangerous and corrupt program based upon peoples who don't give attention to these affairs. Around 99 out 100 people have got no idea at all that what's actually going on under their nose.  They don't need to hold a gun or hide there faces for a bank robbery. They are sitting inside the bank building with fancy suits and doing the same thing that bank robbers do. It took them so many years to reach this target. Finally they have succeeded in there evil plan.

They trapped our government authorities so well that it became a collection bureau for them, and who is supporting the government? Yes you are right, people like you and me. So who is the real victim? You guessed it right, people like you and me. That's exactly how it is, on one hand we are paying our enslavement and on the other hand we are paying tax that’s also going in these bankers pockets. Still you can beat them easily and beat them at their own stake. 

Getting rich in the process, yes that's how it will be; you can turn this threatening Economic crisis work for you, not against you. It’s not that late yet; do I need to ask which side of this you want to be? So many economic experts in there economic articles are writing that, individuals will either be telling I am grateful I did or I wish I had. Now you decide what you want to do.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Economic Reforms are painful but effective

Couple of days back I had a chance of playing football game and having dinner with one of my dearest daughters. We talked about lots of issues, from my safe retrieval from dental surgical process to her concerns about the upcoming future of united state of America economic downturn. She mentioned some economic news articles by a newspaper published two days back. And to make her understand the current situation of our Economic problems and the Economic Reform i started by telling the story of my teeth problem. Strange, Crazy, Funny, and Odd right? No It's not...

I had three teeth pulled about three calendar months ago. Very painful infection grown and it took a month of antibiotic drugs and particular attention to get normal. The dinner party was a celebration, for me at least: Because at last I can open my mouth wide enough to take anything I wanted to eat. And i had some chicken wings that day (if you are wondering).  I told her that I'd put off the surgical process soo long, and that it's normal to do that. Any tooth doctor will say that most of us always hold until it’s too late to solve the problem. One of my teeth that i removed now was a grinder in the back of my mouth because the wisdom tooth back of it had already affected it a lot for so many years to actually cause parts of it to come out.

I knew from so long that there were problems with my teeth... but whenever this trouble started pain, I did some natural home remediation and lived with the pain until I got used to it. And when the problem turned so terrible I went to the doctor for surgery. It was difficult. It was painful.

After that we moved on to other subjects. She's 24 this month, and she has got a small business organization. She’s concerned just like any other enterprise these days. The modern governance is invading the United State of America's Fundamental Law, and that’s why our freedoms and the enterprising tone that pushes our economic system, for more then 100 years.

I told her that I think economic affairs are going to get tougher before they get well, The administration of United State Of America's escape policies are never going to give us a chance to recover from this economic problem, The stock exchange could be trading at just three thousand points or less in the predictable future, and I don't think that I will live to witness the market gain a height like before, this economic collapse can lead us to a very terrible situation even a state of war. And in future getting capital to start a new business or even buy a car is going to be a dream.

For some reason, she's nervous about her future. She asked that what would finally happen to our economic system. Then I told her something natural: "You and the other fellow members of your time will at last give plenty of attention to all this, to eventually do something about it." Like going to a doctor for a surgical operation in the end”.  The United State of America will wake up one day. Young generation will finally start giving care to matters they haven't had to pay attention before. They will become more understanding consumers of news mass media, and start recognizing that the media is nothing more then a performance and a propaganda sellers for the evil cause. They will start looking for the truth. The media will have to report real journalism.

Our people will make a move toward serious citizenship, and understand that life is much more than just living each day for fun. The entertainment industriousness in united state of America will change. There will be no one who wants to go to cinema or watch useless TV shows, or view economic news propaganda shows. No one will read economic articles full of lies.  One day they will feel the burning heat of been cheated. This global warming issue will ultimately slice away and young students and scholars will start to read, understand, and write books and economic articles that what really occurred in the past 100 years. Universities, colleges, and school will change their mission of true and proper teaching.

Citizens of United State of America will recognize how the administration they did not selected (most of them are staying home on Election Day) is ruination the economic system in which they have to work each and every day. The new generation will start to realize that our country and its economic system can not carry endless number of immigrants from all over the world, and that terrorists, crooks, outlaws, malefactors need to be kept out of Our Homeland... one day they will come up and peacefully to take the power in their own hands with the help of true inspirational leaders. 

And I hope that the thoughts i provided to my daughter will developed a better prospect in her mind. It’s not that easy. Yes it is hard. And yes it will still get a little worse before it becomes better. But if we take care of business... pull a few bad Teethes ... it will get improved, healthier, happier and safer.

The Most Recent Economic Resolutions?

First time in the newspaper articles about economics a couple of Wall Street experts are discovering the recent economic resolutions, and how this economic system is being deliberately overpowered to produce a systematic bankruptcy and financial chaos. And how they are destructing capitalist economy of our country from inside.

Who is actually backing the ugly and evil program to control every thing Worldwide? Most of us will not be able to understand that why we are hit by this never experienced before point of economic downturn that's affecting the whole global community of interests.  If average individuals just like you and me simply recognize this evil conspiracy, we likely would not be in economic downswing nowadays. And it is not that hard to prepare yourself and to become the Informed from Ignorant. Now what I am going to uncover to you will in reality enable you to gain profit from this recent economic situation and get rid of this rising chaos leading the game and financially strong and safe. I am sure that you are not going to find this information in any other economic news articles.

The Accuracy shall set you Free in this Economic System  The all time biggest transfer of money is going on in this new economic situation and now the amount is about to exceed 50 trillion dollars. What i mean by this? It means that there will no middle class in coming future. All the rich peoples are going to be more and more richer then ever and the poor turns poorer and poorer day by day. I am sure that you have already heard that one many times before in so many other economic news articles.

But who is behind and planning it? The World-wide bankers, functioning hidden, they have took charge of whole worlds monetary systems of rules. These individuals are hidden and invisible to us; they have the power to place and remove all the presidents of the worlds central banks. These powerful individuals control the interest values, the value of the currency, along with the money supplying amount in circulation at any time and any where. They control most part of media all across the world, so the economic news, and economic articles, you read on newspapers or anywhere else are exactly what they want us to know.

And with this power they now control everything, including all the worlds’ government activities, governance and administrations.  They are all doing this through Fractional reserve banking system. The fractional reserve rate is getting down and down.  For every one thousand dollars in reserve they are granted to give Nine thousand dollars in loan. We are taking loan against the property. People put there property at risk to get the loan from them. The banks can never lose anything, and you are never going to profits unless you make the right determination to make a motion from the clueless to the educated and familiar.  The reality and truth is hiding behind there lies.

The World-wide bankers evil plan did not just end there, they carried it even far by placing the unimaginable and out of the question, leveraging 1.00 U.S dollar to the line of forty-sixty-eighty per centum and higher. And that’s why we came within hours of a whole world-wide economic crash.  Right now no one in the whole world is able to stop them, they are undetectable and they hold so much power. I must say they are the real superpower not United State of America. They control authority’s politics administrations governance’s government activities as well as nearly whole media. I just gave you a short-range explanation.

These bankers have produced a huge amount of smoke and mirrors which keep the people from ever so discovering the real truth behind the lies. Hardly few people like you who are studying this and trust what they are understanding, are the ones that will be able to defeat them at their own plot.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Economic News Articles are so scary

It's time to give attention to affairs like the economy and the way things are happening in the reality. May be you don't like to spent much time or energy on things like these... and, honestly, don't even care to think of. But some serious economic storm clouds are gathering, and if you prepare yourself right away about how to handle this, you could be one of them who will come out right.

I was reading some Economic News Articles and most of them are saying that the United state of America's economic system is tottering on the verge of a huge disaster. And i started asking myself, "What if they are correct? What if these experts who knows a lot about economy more then myself... what if they are accurate in calculations?" Its Threatening and Horrible. What will happen if  United State stock market drops off over 70% of its rate, just like main collapse of 1929. Now IMF also said that Growth in the global economy is likely to slow towards the end of 2010. What if it's trading at 3000 points this time in 2011? What will happen if they are right: what if much damage has already been done by our tax-and-spend bailout governance that most of us will not live to see? What if they are right: what if inflation devaluates U.S Doller so much that we need to load up carts full of paper money for shopping, just like in Germany before Hitler took the power?

What if they are telling the truth?

For example, think about the financial reform legislation approved by the united state Congress and signed by U.S President Obama a a couple of weeks back. Have you heard speeches made about it, you would get the feeling that the recent law is going to end bailouts Sounds superb. But today i saw some Economic News Articles written by Mark Calabria, managing director of Financial Regulation Studies for the Cato Institute, and he writes that this financial reform legislation will outcome in "more financial crises, much bigger then before." Why does a person, who's understandably an expert on this stuff who read the 2,300 page bill not like most of the legislators who approved it, will say that? Thats bcoz the financial reform legislation law does not include any reforms for the well known mortgage-backers Fannie Mae and every ones favorite Freddie Mac, the two most wanted turkeys who started out the whole ongoing mess. Bcoz its not going to end bailouts, but in reality charges them. Bcoz, in brief, the law assists to "encourage outrageous risk taking by entities supported by the united state administration and discourage risk taking and innovation by those ready to pay the toll of their actions."

What if Mark Calabria accurate?

I have also found out so many other experts identify that the governmental and economic insurance policies ordained by United State government are nothing less than a "conspiracy against your own currency," which, left freewheeling, will dump us into a international depression that can establish the "great" economic crisis of the 1930 look like a broken downturn. These experts are telling that the 50 TRILLION dollars are going to change hands in the next few calendar months or years, and the money and wealth  will run away from those who sleepily believe in governing and economic establishments. Beneficiaries will be the freshly familiar, those who took the time and pain to prepare themselves in planning for the emerging Economic violent storm.

What if they are correct?

If they're correct, there will be nothing left for the unprepared.
Well, from now on i am going to take it seriously and i am going assume the worst. I am going to assume that these economic experts are correct. I am going to prepare myself for this: like working hard on my own business organisation , staying healthy and organic because i am not sure that i will have an approach to excellent health care at any cost in the coming future, staying bright, glorious, and inspired because motivational energy is the best thing you can have when things get tough and hard, and i am totally rethinking my investing strategies.

Establish a safe and solid shelter. Maybe it will blow over maybe it will not, but it seems to me like they are faithful: those Economic violent storm clouds you see mean that very poor weather conditions are on its way. And good news is that you could be sitting relex, warm and glorious before the 1st raindrop falls.