Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Most Recent Economic Resolutions?

First time in the newspaper articles about economics a couple of Wall Street experts are discovering the recent economic resolutions, and how this economic system is being deliberately overpowered to produce a systematic bankruptcy and financial chaos. And how they are destructing capitalist economy of our country from inside.

Who is actually backing the ugly and evil program to control every thing Worldwide? Most of us will not be able to understand that why we are hit by this never experienced before point of economic downturn that's affecting the whole global community of interests.  If average individuals just like you and me simply recognize this evil conspiracy, we likely would not be in economic downswing nowadays. And it is not that hard to prepare yourself and to become the Informed from Ignorant. Now what I am going to uncover to you will in reality enable you to gain profit from this recent economic situation and get rid of this rising chaos leading the game and financially strong and safe. I am sure that you are not going to find this information in any other economic news articles.

The Accuracy shall set you Free in this Economic System  The all time biggest transfer of money is going on in this new economic situation and now the amount is about to exceed 50 trillion dollars. What i mean by this? It means that there will no middle class in coming future. All the rich peoples are going to be more and more richer then ever and the poor turns poorer and poorer day by day. I am sure that you have already heard that one many times before in so many other economic news articles.

But who is behind and planning it? The World-wide bankers, functioning hidden, they have took charge of whole worlds monetary systems of rules. These individuals are hidden and invisible to us; they have the power to place and remove all the presidents of the worlds central banks. These powerful individuals control the interest values, the value of the currency, along with the money supplying amount in circulation at any time and any where. They control most part of media all across the world, so the economic news, and economic articles, you read on newspapers or anywhere else are exactly what they want us to know.

And with this power they now control everything, including all the worlds’ government activities, governance and administrations.  They are all doing this through Fractional reserve banking system. The fractional reserve rate is getting down and down.  For every one thousand dollars in reserve they are granted to give Nine thousand dollars in loan. We are taking loan against the property. People put there property at risk to get the loan from them. The banks can never lose anything, and you are never going to profits unless you make the right determination to make a motion from the clueless to the educated and familiar.  The reality and truth is hiding behind there lies.

The World-wide bankers evil plan did not just end there, they carried it even far by placing the unimaginable and out of the question, leveraging 1.00 U.S dollar to the line of forty-sixty-eighty per centum and higher. And that’s why we came within hours of a whole world-wide economic crash.  Right now no one in the whole world is able to stop them, they are undetectable and they hold so much power. I must say they are the real superpower not United State of America. They control authority’s politics administrations governance’s government activities as well as nearly whole media. I just gave you a short-range explanation.

These bankers have produced a huge amount of smoke and mirrors which keep the people from ever so discovering the real truth behind the lies. Hardly few people like you who are studying this and trust what they are understanding, are the ones that will be able to defeat them at their own plot.

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