Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Economic Reforms are painful but effective

Couple of days back I had a chance of playing football game and having dinner with one of my dearest daughters. We talked about lots of issues, from my safe retrieval from dental surgical process to her concerns about the upcoming future of united state of America economic downturn. She mentioned some economic news articles by a newspaper published two days back. And to make her understand the current situation of our Economic problems and the Economic Reform i started by telling the story of my teeth problem. Strange, Crazy, Funny, and Odd right? No It's not...

I had three teeth pulled about three calendar months ago. Very painful infection grown and it took a month of antibiotic drugs and particular attention to get normal. The dinner party was a celebration, for me at least: Because at last I can open my mouth wide enough to take anything I wanted to eat. And i had some chicken wings that day (if you are wondering).  I told her that I'd put off the surgical process soo long, and that it's normal to do that. Any tooth doctor will say that most of us always hold until it’s too late to solve the problem. One of my teeth that i removed now was a grinder in the back of my mouth because the wisdom tooth back of it had already affected it a lot for so many years to actually cause parts of it to come out.

I knew from so long that there were problems with my teeth... but whenever this trouble started pain, I did some natural home remediation and lived with the pain until I got used to it. And when the problem turned so terrible I went to the doctor for surgery. It was difficult. It was painful.

After that we moved on to other subjects. She's 24 this month, and she has got a small business organization. She’s concerned just like any other enterprise these days. The modern governance is invading the United State of America's Fundamental Law, and that’s why our freedoms and the enterprising tone that pushes our economic system, for more then 100 years.

I told her that I think economic affairs are going to get tougher before they get well, The administration of United State Of America's escape policies are never going to give us a chance to recover from this economic problem, The stock exchange could be trading at just three thousand points or less in the predictable future, and I don't think that I will live to witness the market gain a height like before, this economic collapse can lead us to a very terrible situation even a state of war. And in future getting capital to start a new business or even buy a car is going to be a dream.

For some reason, she's nervous about her future. She asked that what would finally happen to our economic system. Then I told her something natural: "You and the other fellow members of your time will at last give plenty of attention to all this, to eventually do something about it." Like going to a doctor for a surgical operation in the end”.  The United State of America will wake up one day. Young generation will finally start giving care to matters they haven't had to pay attention before. They will become more understanding consumers of news mass media, and start recognizing that the media is nothing more then a performance and a propaganda sellers for the evil cause. They will start looking for the truth. The media will have to report real journalism.

Our people will make a move toward serious citizenship, and understand that life is much more than just living each day for fun. The entertainment industriousness in united state of America will change. There will be no one who wants to go to cinema or watch useless TV shows, or view economic news propaganda shows. No one will read economic articles full of lies.  One day they will feel the burning heat of been cheated. This global warming issue will ultimately slice away and young students and scholars will start to read, understand, and write books and economic articles that what really occurred in the past 100 years. Universities, colleges, and school will change their mission of true and proper teaching.

Citizens of United State of America will recognize how the administration they did not selected (most of them are staying home on Election Day) is ruination the economic system in which they have to work each and every day. The new generation will start to realize that our country and its economic system can not carry endless number of immigrants from all over the world, and that terrorists, crooks, outlaws, malefactors need to be kept out of Our Homeland... one day they will come up and peacefully to take the power in their own hands with the help of true inspirational leaders. 

And I hope that the thoughts i provided to my daughter will developed a better prospect in her mind. It’s not that easy. Yes it is hard. And yes it will still get a little worse before it becomes better. But if we take care of business... pull a few bad Teethes ... it will get improved, healthier, happier and safer.

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