Monday, May 23, 2011

Resource Based Economy

The concept of a resource based economy is an economy in which goods and services would be freely available to consumers without requiring any form of payment. It was proposed by Futurist and social engineer, Jacque Fresco. All the world's resources would become the property of everyone, not just certain classes or groups. This concept is based on the idea that the world has an overabundance of resources, and our current way of distributing those resources is not conducive to the livelihood and continuation of humans.

This theory also postulates that due to the technological advances that society has made, we now possess the means to be able to develop a system that distributes resources in such a way that everyone can be educated and live well. The supporters of this theory believe that if the government or large corporation were put in charge of an initiative like this they would make themselves the primary beneficiaries of the resources while making most of the population menial slaves or servants to them. The theory places a lot of emphasis on equality and elimination of socioeconomic classes which divide people and create feelings of jealousy and inadequacy.

The theory emphasizes that every person has both physical and psychological needs that need to be met. It is stated that every person living in a resource-based economy would be allowed to fill any occupation or undertake any trade at which they excelled. This would help people to focus on working for pleasure and to achieve a sense of personal fulfillment. When people feel fulfilled and accomplished, many of the feelings of greed and hatred will disappear. Resource based economies would help to eliminate crimes and thus eliminate the need for jails. It is thought that crimes such as robbery come about because of the greed, jealousy and inequity that exist between people who live well, and those who are socioeconomically disadvantaged. The problem of inequity comes about because of a lack of resources, and once society has engineered a solution to end poverty and scarcity, this inequity and the crimes associated with these two things will disappear. This type of economy is the solution which will help humans become more efficient and fair in terms of rationing resources, and ensuring that need are met.

This form of economy would make use of its existing technology and renewable resources to help to create and sustain the environment and the economy while simultaneously ensuring everyone has equal access to the things they need and the things they want. This new system would also have health care for all, a better transportation system. Also, the new system would emphasize conservation and protection of the Earth, since it is the source of our resources. Many believe that technology plays a major role in pollution and the destruction of our planet. According to this theory, however, the abuse of technology is what causes the destruction. Technology is a wonderful tool available to humans when used correctly and with discretion. Machines should be a help to humans, not an attempt to replace them. When technology is employed correctly, it translates into a more efficient, better run society where people can focus more on personal fulfillment as opposed to gaining power and wealth.

Achieving this society is only possible with everyone putting in effort. New technologies must be researched and created, and renewable energy must also be discovered. If all of society pitches in, the world would be more conducive to humans leading better, more fulfilled lives. They would not have to worry about paying bills and holding onto jobs. In this type of society, the focus would be on people as human-beings, and not as merely beings who live to work, and have no time to enjoy life.

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