Sunday, September 12, 2010

Economic News Articles are so scary

It's time to give attention to affairs like the economy and the way things are happening in the reality. May be you don't like to spent much time or energy on things like these... and, honestly, don't even care to think of. But some serious economic storm clouds are gathering, and if you prepare yourself right away about how to handle this, you could be one of them who will come out right.

I was reading some Economic News Articles and most of them are saying that the United state of America's economic system is tottering on the verge of a huge disaster. And i started asking myself, "What if they are correct? What if these experts who knows a lot about economy more then myself... what if they are accurate in calculations?" Its Threatening and Horrible. What will happen if  United State stock market drops off over 70% of its rate, just like main collapse of 1929. Now IMF also said that Growth in the global economy is likely to slow towards the end of 2010. What if it's trading at 3000 points this time in 2011? What will happen if they are right: what if much damage has already been done by our tax-and-spend bailout governance that most of us will not live to see? What if they are right: what if inflation devaluates U.S Doller so much that we need to load up carts full of paper money for shopping, just like in Germany before Hitler took the power?

What if they are telling the truth?

For example, think about the financial reform legislation approved by the united state Congress and signed by U.S President Obama a a couple of weeks back. Have you heard speeches made about it, you would get the feeling that the recent law is going to end bailouts Sounds superb. But today i saw some Economic News Articles written by Mark Calabria, managing director of Financial Regulation Studies for the Cato Institute, and he writes that this financial reform legislation will outcome in "more financial crises, much bigger then before." Why does a person, who's understandably an expert on this stuff who read the 2,300 page bill not like most of the legislators who approved it, will say that? Thats bcoz the financial reform legislation law does not include any reforms for the well known mortgage-backers Fannie Mae and every ones favorite Freddie Mac, the two most wanted turkeys who started out the whole ongoing mess. Bcoz its not going to end bailouts, but in reality charges them. Bcoz, in brief, the law assists to "encourage outrageous risk taking by entities supported by the united state administration and discourage risk taking and innovation by those ready to pay the toll of their actions."

What if Mark Calabria accurate?

I have also found out so many other experts identify that the governmental and economic insurance policies ordained by United State government are nothing less than a "conspiracy against your own currency," which, left freewheeling, will dump us into a international depression that can establish the "great" economic crisis of the 1930 look like a broken downturn. These experts are telling that the 50 TRILLION dollars are going to change hands in the next few calendar months or years, and the money and wealth  will run away from those who sleepily believe in governing and economic establishments. Beneficiaries will be the freshly familiar, those who took the time and pain to prepare themselves in planning for the emerging Economic violent storm.

What if they are correct?

If they're correct, there will be nothing left for the unprepared.
Well, from now on i am going to take it seriously and i am going assume the worst. I am going to assume that these economic experts are correct. I am going to prepare myself for this: like working hard on my own business organisation , staying healthy and organic because i am not sure that i will have an approach to excellent health care at any cost in the coming future, staying bright, glorious, and inspired because motivational energy is the best thing you can have when things get tough and hard, and i am totally rethinking my investing strategies.

Establish a safe and solid shelter. Maybe it will blow over maybe it will not, but it seems to me like they are faithful: those Economic violent storm clouds you see mean that very poor weather conditions are on its way. And good news is that you could be sitting relex, warm and glorious before the 1st raindrop falls.

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