Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Economic crisis and uneducated peoples

Donald-Trump wrote in his latest economic news articles that people like you and me are the actual cause of this economic crisis. And we are completely illiterate and uneducated about money affairs. You may think what’s wrong with this guy?  What kind of Foolishness is this? Economic training?  Well each and every person in this whole world knows that what is money, how, where and when to use it. 

Some of us may think that I don't have so much so why should I waste my time on this useless economic training or education. I have got so many other things to use my mind. And economic problem is not one of them. The truth is that middle class of our time is sleeping. They are wiped out with no desire of retrieval, whatever you have is going to be undervalued and money does not melt but shifts hands. If it keeps going on then chances of improvement are very less. To defeat this economic crisis people must understand what’s going on behind the scenes, how and why all this happened, what are the actual facts. 

I don't feel good to say that it’s going to be much worse then ever. But you still got a chance to come out of this as a victor. The key to success is economic education and proper preparation. And keep yourself away from ignorant unsuccessful people. The money will be shifted from the ignorant to the prepared. The bankers are behind this dangerous and corrupt program based upon peoples who don't give attention to these affairs. Around 99 out 100 people have got no idea at all that what's actually going on under their nose.  They don't need to hold a gun or hide there faces for a bank robbery. They are sitting inside the bank building with fancy suits and doing the same thing that bank robbers do. It took them so many years to reach this target. Finally they have succeeded in there evil plan.

They trapped our government authorities so well that it became a collection bureau for them, and who is supporting the government? Yes you are right, people like you and me. So who is the real victim? You guessed it right, people like you and me. That's exactly how it is, on one hand we are paying our enslavement and on the other hand we are paying tax that’s also going in these bankers pockets. Still you can beat them easily and beat them at their own stake. 

Getting rich in the process, yes that's how it will be; you can turn this threatening Economic crisis work for you, not against you. It’s not that late yet; do I need to ask which side of this you want to be? So many economic experts in there economic articles are writing that, individuals will either be telling I am grateful I did or I wish I had. Now you decide what you want to do.

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