Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tips to Defeat Economic crisis

Getting out of economic Crisis is very challenging, harsh and irritating. Most of us pass whole day guessing about how to avoid bankruptcy and failure. We try to count some thoughts and hints in order to get rid of debts.

The starting point is not to get trapped in debt. It is the simplest but challenging target also. No need to use your credit card for every thing you buy. Keep your credit card just for some thing that is very important. Like an example when you purchase house or a motorcar. Most people got this feeling that they are earning a lot, without realizing that they are spending more then there earnings. When debt is limited, keep sixty percent of it and try to spend just forty percent. You know the amount of your debt so keep a note of all upcoming instalments, interest values, balances on a paper or dairy and update it weekly. It will make the whole system simple and now you know exactly how much you have to pay and how much you are going to get. Try not to get more then one credit card and try to apply same thing to your loan, one is enough try your best to adjust with it. On your card try not to carry a massive limit, if you loan is not more then twenty five percent of your income it’s great.  

There are debt guidance organizations, they can surely help you for your debts and bank loans. They form a very professional credit written report. Try not to get into debt in future. Stop eating in eating places and don't plan any national or international travels just for fun! Family or friends want to go for movie or club? Convince them that it’s so cool to spend holidays in house with each other! Try to pay all of your loans from your daily expenses not from your emergency fund. Always keep some extra money with it is very important, don't just pay every thing at once. Make yourself ready for the upcoming expenses. This is how you can keep yourself safe from bankruptcy.

Think twice before spending or paying any thing if you can delay any payment so just hold it for some time. Keep a close eye on economic affair by reading economic news articles on newspaper and view economic news on T.V. Each and every month try to reduce your expenses at least more then last month. No need to be competitive with your friends or anyone else! Those sorts of habits can create huge problems latter! Try to improve your habits! You can get out of this situation by drawing some lines around you. Switch your mind-set, never lose hope! Never give up! Otherwise you will find yourself in a bigger mess.

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