Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Truth About Economy Articles

This article deals with the subject of Economy Articles, Economy Blogs, and their content. People study Economics for several reasons:

Economics are extremely practical knowledge, and having an Economics degree means possessing an understanding of the way the world works. It provides familiarity of international trade, the good and bad effects of the governments intervention in employment and the economy. Another benefit to studying Economics is that they help to educate people about financial matters on a personal level as well, which enables them to become more financially responsible and to make intelligent fiscal decisions for themselves such as smart investments and putting into practice the most effective way to save money. Another perk of majoring in Economics is that there are terrific jobs open for people with this kind of degree in almost any field.

With this being said, Economic Articles and Blogs must now be described. The term Economics is a fairly loose term that can be used to describe any of the following: The business cycle, inflation, cost measures, microeconomics, macroeconomics, nominal versus real variables, reserve ratio, the foreign exchange market, etc. If it were to be described in a general and simple sense, however it could be said to be the study of all things related to money and making money.

Economic blogs are similar to Economic articles in their content. Like articles they deal with economics as it relates to the business world. Some blogs possess a liberal worldview towards economics, others a more conservative one. Environmental blogs have the intention is to bring the economists view on the environmental matters nearer to that of the majority. Economy pieces are articles that deal with various topics relating to Economics, such as price elasticity, calculates the response of quality demanded due to price changes. There has been some controversy as to whether or not the government should legalize marijuana.

The reasoning behind this is that cost of the war against drugs is an expensive price to pay just to persecute the black market dealers and put them behind bars. Great deals of resources are fed into this end. A recent study was conducted to illustrate the amount of tax revenue the government has to gain by legalizing marijuana.

Another interesting topic is the post-war economy. Post World War II was a time in the business world which was characterized by consolidation. Firms merged to create massive, diversified companies.
Many small family farms had great difficulty remaining in business, because the productivity gains were followed by agricultural overproduction, and farming became a huge business which made it progressively more challenging for the small farmers to keep up.

There is an old joke which affirms that a recession is when a neighbor of yours loses his job, while a depression is when you lose your job. A depression is the word used to describe a downturn in economic status when real gross domestic product {GDP} declines by 10 percent or more. A recession on the other hand is a decline with less severity. The point of this piece has been to enlighten and educate the reader about Economy articles and explain what topics they are concerned with.

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