Saturday, October 2, 2010

Economy not only failed to be a real science in practice but took a wrong investigative direction

Perhaps the most ridiculous and pretty offensive concept that has risen in the modern post religious world is one of the "laws of Economics". People are in the future with astonishment back look, a concept that is "divine right", "natural law" or "inalienable right" in the same category as include fiction succeeded for to survive as long as it has done. Of course, artificial constructs is made just like these previous illusions, this stupid study of people, (and the resulting records and snapshots in time of this believe based constructs that are always on the move) "relevant" because the constructs are securing weapons, bomber aircraft and thermonuclear missiles. The "experts" in these issues only hold power in place so far, the huge monopoly game, the 21st century international capitalism compliance "strictly" the most global centres (monopolies on violence, the strong States are).

Such "strict" compliance (international elite consensus on how to like: assigning resources material acquired by force) is not logically possible because the strong who make always change the rules and change you at will.As a joke from the concept of world elites who play by their own rules impossible fiction, since strict ist.Noch, some billions of people reason think that the experts in Economics (a playground sandbox which makes an even poorer task that try to be as sociology a "real" Science) have you more valid as experts in feudal slave economy hundreds of years.

Yes, there were always people the for years to study the symptoms of arbitrary decisions by elites. She studied serfdom and how the Papal State theocracy reserved resources. She studied dynamics of the slave trade.Spent decades of a single man man is tempted memorization and recording the effects of social policy, universal eternal Gesetz.Somit research results we have seen academics efficiently allocate the monarchist for centuries theocratic/feudal/absolute slavery as natural to defend materials and people. Notice how people "Resources" now only apply, as they were in ancient Egypt.

Today it is tempting to think that all worldwide conflicts and problems can be cooked disagreements as "scarce" material resources assigned. It is tempting with elites and using supercomputers and desire to ever finding effective diagrams, assign page of raw materials and human work better. However, human beings and not just studied sit natural resources in a Petri dish and efficiently allocated.People are trying to expand your personal power by creating new rules of the game to other play by the new guidelines. Study of the economics is the study of an inflatable tent on liquid power struggles between numerous mammals attempting can an edge over other mammals of any way to get, and ever shifting sand dunes platziert.Alle worldwide social problems and conflicts caused by eternal.We see strong companies, the rules and forces to play while you means the rules themselves to machen.Dies weak companies that if global elites according to the rules of own manufacture corner driven to get try, change, or get rid of the game.

Economy, in addition to not even close to a real science such as chemistry, not even focus in the right direction (though of course chemistry studies patterns in shifting sand dunes and rough shapes of energy flow produced). Only study makes, the dynamics between individuals that combined biology can begin with, give us ideas for which arrangement can social results.

Here is a Visual representation of the difficulties we face. Now all the people of the world how little are spheres of power in a closed container (can it as cylindrical containers for clarity to visualize) .these shrink spheres and expand based on how much makes reached an individual in society due to external and internal variables. The larger the sphere is, the more it rises to the top, while the smaller ones fall down.While the bottom of the container full of billions of small balls is the surface of the pile has a few thousand large balls of course (these mammals make less than a dollar a day) rubbing against each other (mammals that are economic, military and political elites) are most individuals .the biological to try predisposition, (subconsciously and aware) master all over the world to increase because it increases your chances of survival and reproduction by personal power in all directions.Most wouldn't mind, responsible for everything, is the only ball on the surface of the pile plugging of the cylinder and everyone even parts of the same level as even to prevent.

It is obvious that the real question to resolve one of the scarcity of power is.The task of Economics (look at worldwide elites monopoly with real human life to play table and rules constantly up to make, as you go along) there is nothing to do predictions with reality a futile and stupid.People should these economists (modern charlatans, useless snake oil sellers and King courtiers) to ride out of town and their views of scientists, doctors and psychologists for solutions like that makes allocated among mankind.

In the course of history in the most major civilisation and religions usury was frowned upon and often prohibited. manipulating artists and never thousands of years wore parasitic intermediaries money something meaningful. about learned man the hard way over and over again, "Interest" to verbieten.Der trade behind new world colonial expansion could never begin, "Authenticity" for today's financial sector the inspiring mass compares infrastructure be task.the ancient world built AWE without links vendors and your material overhead.Die is world of the future this again tun.Nun, money tangible rare items such as gold stopped and was only a fiction that perpetuates sellers of cultural inertia and charlatan, are the new prohibitions on behavior needed reduces the civilization.

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